Monday, April 16, 2007

** ELTON **

I totally love Elton John! I have for a very long time. Several years ago I bought tickets to see Elton and Billy Joel in concert together – only to find out a few hours before the event that the show had been cancelled due to Billy Joel being ill (yeah right…hung over or strung out was more like it!). I have since held a strong grudge against Billy (hence my previous comment).

Yesterday, on a routine visit to my grandparents, I walked in to Ian sporting a crazy top hat and a spot with my name on it at the dining room table. Ian, with his best (a little disturbing, I might add) game show host voice invited me to have a seat, as this was Final Jeopardy.

The answer to the Final Jeopardy question was obvious and my grandparents made crap up so I was set to win. When I won Ian ran into the bedroom and came out with a big sign saying I had won round trip tickets to Las Vegas! Next, grandpa went into the room coming out with a sign saying I had also won a night in a Deluxe Suite at Caesar’s Palace along with a gourmet dinner at their 5 star restaurant. Finally, grandma went into the room and came out wearing a silly hat, doing a jig, singing and bearing a sign that said the final prize was…wait for it...3rd row seats to see Elton in concert…did you get that?? 3rd row!!!!!

Not only do I get all of this, but I get to share it with Hannah!! She will be accompanying me on this whirlwind weekend of snazzy hotels, fine dining and ELTON JOHN!!!

Whoo hooo!! Happy Early Birthday to me!!! And thanks to my hunny bunny for making it all possible! We leave on May 12th!


Ian said...

Hope you have the time of your life baby!!!... wish I could be there to enjoy it with you, but I think Hannah will enjoy the show more. Wooohhhooo.... 3rd row :^)

Denise said...

Hey Sandy.....what an awesome family youhave to plan such an EXCITING and fun filled surprise for you. Hope you have a total blast! I saw Billy and Elton YEARS ago at Giant Stadium and although I wasn't a fan then, I became one over night. SWEET!