Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just around the corner

Well...after a 3 month roller coaster ride it finally looks like I'm ready to do my check ride for my Private Pilots License. It is a big personal hurdle, but a small one in the grand scheme of things. I'm hoping to get the test done next week. It consists of an oral and practical exam. I'm not 100% ready this second, but am pretty confident that I will be ready next week...just need to hope that I don't fuck up.

Next on the docket is my instrument rating. Apparently this one is quite difficult. I'm signed up for a ground course that runs for a week from Sept 9 - 12. It's from 6 - 10 pm...10 pm being my bed time so I'm not sure how this is going to work out for me. I'm currently looking for a place to shack up in Orlando that week so I don't have to drive home late at night then get up early in the morning for work. If I can find a place I will try to do morning flights and work in the afternoon and then class at night. It's only for a week so I'm thinking I will survive.

Anyone trust me for a ride???


lara kiyomi said...

Yay! Good luck! I can't help you with a place to stay in Orlando, but I know of this great house in Virginia that would love to have you :)

John Chapman said...

Congrats, you're really making some good progress. I've taken plenty of checkrides and here's my numero uno tip for you: Don't worry about it if you make a little mistake, just move on and do the next task as best you can. Most examiners will tolerate a few small mistakes so long as you don't let them snowball into a big one.

Here's another idea for you -- You can probably get a fixed wing private and instrument PLUS a helicopter instrument rating for the same cost of just getting a heli instrument rating. And in the process you'll knock out most of the hours you'll need to get your commercial in either or both as well. Call around to some of the flight schools and see how the prices are, and then ask your choppper instructor how much of it counts. My guess is you'll end up with 40-60 hours of fixed wing + 10 hours of chopper and have the whole bunch.

All of this assumes you have any desire to fly something with wings. It was just a thought.

Kolla said...

Congrats Private Pilot Bobo!!
So when are we going for a ride?