Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A couple of freakin' wussies!

I just got these cool new automatic cat feeders so that when I go on vacation the cats will not eat themselves to death. (side note: also so that at 6am when Pita gets up he will be occupied with food rather than meowing incessantly till I get up.)

So, I got up promptly at 5:58 this morning to monitor the automatic feeders (setting was a chore to get them to feed simultaneously, but I had Justin program one while I did the other...they are about 2 secs off!! Awesome! Thanks). Would you believe that it scared the crap out of both the cats???!! Pita was a bit more ballsy than Madi and ended up chowing down within 5 min or so. (Madi went ape shit and scratched the crap out of me when I tried to put her down in front of the food). I can't believe them...both of them had their paws up in there trying to get the food yesterday when I set the damn things, the food finally comes and they run like a bunch of pansies!!

Will never understand cats....but I do LOVE them :o)

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Anonymous said...

As another cat owner and lover, I say, let the desire to eat prevail. They will get over being scared cuz they really like the food. So don't give them food any other way and see if that works after a few days. If it works, it will be worth how hard it may be to hold out for the retraining and the survival instinct to dove tail for a WIN!

You had me laughin'!


Mama Linda