Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Car :^O

Well, I finally found the car that I was looking for. I have ordered (it won't be here till the end of the month) a 2007 Toyota Prius, Silver Pine Mica w/Bisque leather interior. What a pain in the ass it was getting this car. It took 3 dealerships and several weeks. But I think I will be happy with it. According to the Toyota website, I will save $2300+ a year in fuel!! To me, being a paranoid passenger, it's totally worth it!

It will have all the bells and whistles (except the NAV system, which I don't think that I'd use anyway...would be more for the entertainment of my passengers - sorry Ian).

Looking forward to picking it up!

Now, anyone want to buy a '64 Thunderbird Convertible or '95 Honda Civic??????????

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Anonymous said...

Absolutley everyone I know who is buying or has bought a new car in the last 6 months has chosen the Prias, including Aunt Sue. Good choice! There are quite a few things that are way different, so read the manuel! They don't necessarily tell you tese things at the dealership. My friend Erica could give you a thorough run done on a couple of dicey situations she found herself at the automatic car wash and another late at night in the airport parking lot.

So glad you've found what you want and it sounds like you'll be in the bucks because of it. $2300 sounds like a great vacation at the end of a year!


Mama Linda