Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random acts of kindness

I just got back from the mail box. Even though I rarely receive anything worth wild I still love checking the mail. I think this comes from my childhood; my grandmother and I were pen pals and she always included a little spending money each each letter. I couldn't wait for that extra cash to buy who knows what (candy probably). That was many, many years ago (I wish I still had all those letters, damn) and I can't remember the last time anyone sent me money so I find it odd that I still like checking the mailbox, which is almost always filled with request from others for me to send them money...hum.

Anyway, I digress. Today the mailbox was jam packed full of all kinds of catalogs, letters and one big padded envelope address to me. I don't remember ordering anything and it's not my birthday so I assume that it's something someone sent in hopes of me paying for it. Remember the CDs clubs that would randomly send you a pack of CDs and expect you to pay for them or send them back, which was a total PITA? Well, that's what I expected so I saved that envelope for last. Another strange thing came in the mail today as well...I think it's like the 3rd time I've gotten the same stupid thing...have no clue who the lady is or how she got my name and address, but it's one of those chain letters that asks you to mail a dollar to 6 people on the list then add your name and send it to all your buddies. Whatever...file 13!

Back to the big padded envelope. I open it up to find a Vegetarian Cook Book...awesome!!

After racking my brain I remembered Kyle and his wife Jen stayed with us one night during the Shamrock Showdown. Jen was noticing my cookbooks and mentioned that she had one similar to one that I already had, but hers was for Main-Courses. I told her I had a difficult time coming up with main-courses that didn't seem like side dishes. I guess she remembered and bought the book for me. How sweet! There was no card or note so I'm glad I remembered that conversation.

I like stuff! And, it's my turn to cook dinner, so great timing too!!

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