Monday, March 3, 2008

First meal....

Today I am back in Sydney. Ian and I arrived last night. He took the first train out to Tokyo and I opted to stay at a hotel near the airport. Ian had made arrangements for me to stay with a friend of his, George, but I was feeling a tad crabby and unsociable so I stayed the night in a hotel.

This morning I made my way to George's place. Mark Kirkby and his wife Sandy have been staying here for the past week or I hooked up with Sandy this morning at the apartment. When I arrived, she was on her way down to the beach. I stayed behind to check email and make arrangements for my return.

After a while I walked down to the beach for some lunch. I found this nice little placed called Tucker. I had an awesome wrap with a side of chips (french fries to us in the states) and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. This has been my second ever meal out alone...the first being in China. This was a much nicer experience. The food was amazing (everything tasted soooo was almost as if I was high). I was also reading a book called, "eat pray love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. So far the book is awesome. I'm reading this book I feel as if you've written it. If you haven't read's a must!!

We are waiting for the boys (George and Mark) to return from the DZ so we can go grab some dinner.

I leave tomorrow morning around 11 am to head home. I'm in the process of authoring another post about our last day in NZ...hopefully I will finish before I leave tomorrow so stay tuned!

See you all when I return home!

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