Friday, February 29, 2008

Wrote this the other day, but just now getting it posted

This is just going to be a quick one. Internet on this side of the island has been a challenge. I’m typing this in Word and have no clue if I’ll actually get it uploaded tonight or not. It’s Friday night and we are in Dunedin. Today we drove here from Curio Bay. We spent the night there right off the beach. It was quite nice, but I haven’t had a shower today. Oh, speaking of shower. On the way here we noticed a horrible odor in our camper van. When Ian went to investigate he found that our “grey water” tank had backed up into our shower (ew). Turns out he didn’t really empty it at our last dump station so the only place for it to go when it gets full is back into the camper van. Fortunately this is not like sewage water or anything…just the water that goes down the drain in the sink and shower. Ian said that he saw a slice of carrot floating around the floor of our shower.

OK, back to today. On our journey we stopped to see some caves, but they were closed (damn it). The next on our list was some waterfall. It was a short hike (nature walk) and a decent view.

The next stop was for Jacks Blowhole. The walk was beautiful, but the blowhole wasn’t really happening. The seas today were very calm, about water ski-able.

Our final stop was Nugget Point. This turned out to be the grand finale. We had a nice walk up to a lighthouse and from the point were able to see a ton of seals and birds. It was raining on us, but totally worth the walk.

Tomorrow we have a reservation to go to an Albatross reserve and I’m hoping to go to the Penguin sanctuary as well.

Our trip is coming to an end. We fly back to Sydney on Sunday. Ian flies back to the states that night and I leave on Tuesday. There is so much to see and do here that I wish I had another month…9 days just wasn’t’ quite enough.

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