Friday, February 15, 2008

Doggie Bling

So I just picked Morgan up from her new groomer. As with her old groomer she came home sporting a cute neck bandanna...this one, pink, is a tad girly...but hey, at least now everyone knows she's a girl.

After unloading her from the car I wanted to check her ears because they said they cleaned them really good. As I grabbed her ear flap I felt something rough, which made me immediately think that she had another injury that would probably require another expensive vet trip. But as I looked down I saw that it's wasn't a cut or even a band was sparkely flower bling! No freakin' way!


Kolla said...

Morgan earrings, thats cute!

Ian said...

I hope you quickly removed this embarrassment from our noble elderly beast.
1) because its ridiculous
2) because Miles probably will probably bat at it until you do. :^)

Christian said...

He he he. I wonder what Kayla would think about bling? She pretty much lets us dress her in anything, then just sits there looking pathetic and embarrassed. She does like her doggie sweatshirt in the winter, but I guess Morgan doesn't have to worry about that in Florida.