Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trip to NZ, part 1

Here I sit on my first leg of my journey. I got to the airport early enough to enjoy one of my favorite treats, Carvel soft chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles….mmmm yummy! I remember that when I first moved to DeLand we had a Carvel right down town (those were the days)…now the closest one is at the Millennia mall about an hour away.

When I checked in for my flight I was told that I was on standby for first class. I didn’t think that would be a problem because we forked over 150,000 miles to get my first class tickets. When I got to the gate I saw on the information screen that I had fallen to number 8 on the standby list (there were only 4 seats available). I talked to the counter agent and he basically told me that medallion members had priority of me, even though I technically paid for my seat. WTF?? And even though he wanted to help me, he couldn’t make any changes to what the computer was spitting out. It’s pretty amazing to see the class system work. Ian gets treated like a king whenever he flies because he’s a platinum medallion member and I get treated like scum because I’m a paying customer…go figure.

So, here I sit. The exit rows are always great to get…the seats in front of the exit rows, not so much. My seat won’t recline and the seat in front of me is totally reclined so I hve a very narrow space between my chest and the back of the seat in front of me a I can’t open my computer fully.

OK, enough bitching…I’m on my way to New Zealand! Luckily the middle seat between the window guy and me is empty so we have room for our stuff to over flow. Food and drinks should be flowing soon. This is not a dinner flight, but we were given a menu to order food from. They even have bar type drinks. I think I might enjoy a “Mile High” Mojito!


Hannah said...

Oh man, no recline...was that just the first leg to LA?

Anonymous said...

Sandy- we need to teach you how to be a seasoned traveler. Here is a link for your next round-the-world adventure ;-)