Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today - Wednesday

Today we did the Fly By Wire and Skyline Luge...both were awesomely fun and I have pictures from neither. :o(

We really wanted to do the "hamster ball" ride, but that's only in the north island. Also, we wanted to do a Cessna flight and cruise into Milford Sound, but the weather has totally hosed us. Looks like it's not going to happen on this trip...I'm bummed but Ian is totally distraught. I think we are going to head down to Invercargill tomorrow.

The weather temp has been quite mild. I thought I'd be the totally wussy, but Ian's the one who's been whining the most...seriously!

BTW, did I mention how expensive it is here??? Holy shit...everything is insane! I almost don't want to eat and I've gone to boxed wine (it's cheap, there's lots of it and it travels well in the camper van).

Ok...I'm out...but one last pic....not sure if I've posted one of the camper van yet.

Oh, we'll have to have all of you over for a picture viewing....home movie watching night....


Kolla said...

Wine in a box is awesome.
Keep up the blogging, awesome to keep track. Is the whole country set up for wireless internet - how are you getting to your blog so easy??

MaryBeth said...

Cool Camper! Kim and I have been eyeballing those here in the states. Great blogs, sorry I couldn't get to them til today. Visited the Grandparents Monday, they were doing fine (Grandpa ate 2 pieces of raisin toast for breakfast!) We talked about the kitchen floor.
Glad to see and hear NZ has not disappointed you! And I agree, wine in a box is awesome and very practical for traveling. Are there a lot of NZ men hanging around those NZ sheep? (chuckle) I'm glad you two will be traveling back together! Love you....