Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Part 2

I’m About 3/4s of the way to China. If my calculations are correct it is around 3:00 pm in Florida. It’s around 4:00 am on my watch and we are scheduled to land around 6:40 am. Here's a Google Earth tracking shot of my flight that Justin emailed me....

I had a bit of a panic attack half way between Orlando and LA. I was tired and wanted my bed and missed my kitties and Morgan. That has mostly passed, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The flight thus far has been pretty bearable. Getting to the flight was a bit of a trek, however, I had to walk outside to the other side of the airport to check in and go through security again. Then, at the gate they loaded us into these big ass busses like cattle. I was the only American on the bus. This was a strange feeling….can’t remember every being in the minority like that. I’m totally paranoid (guess it goes along with my OCD) so I felt like everyone was staring at and talking about me. I think I’m gonna have to get liquored up in China so I don’t totally lose it! The bus trip seemed like a long, long ride, but once at the plane we were quickly loaded.

My seat is at the front of the plane (Boeing 777) with no one sitting next to me. We were immediately served dinner (at 4:00 am my time….note, I have not slept yet). The food was unidentifiable, some sort of Chinese flare, but tasted quite good.

So far I’ve taken 2 halves and 1 whole Ambien, which has awarded me approximately 6 hours sleep total. I’m feeling pretty good, but am ready to get out of this tin can. I could use a shower and some sunshine.


Hannah said...

Oh man, this is the segment by segment blogging...too're funny and this has totally brightened up my morning!

Anonymous said...

>>2 halves and 1 whole Ambien, which has awarded me approximately 6 hours sleep total.<<

That would have knocked a cow out for about 2 days- and all you got was 6 hours!?