Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still driving

Currently sitting on the side of a beautiful mountain called Treble Cone. It’s a ski resort in the winter and a paragliding/ground launching site in the summer. Ian is out playing with his canopy so I figured this would be an excellent time to catch up on my blogging.

Our first night we spent in a town called Greymouth. We parked our camper van in a slot right next to the sea. That nights sleep was awesome. The winds were blowing at a good steady 35+mph with gust up to around 50 mph. The next morning we got up and took a walk out on the beach. The shore was covered with stone rather than sand. The sky was grey, but the view was amazing.

From here we drove to Franz Joseph Glacier where we did a nice afternoon hike.

So far the food here has been less than desirable, but I have high hopes for Queenstown and Invercargill. Also, the food (as well as everything else) way, way expensive! I paid $18.00 for a veggie burger!!

The night we spent in Franz Joseph it rained – heavy rain – all night, which gave us another awesome nights sleep. I’m actually getting quite used to the camper van and the motor parks. We don’t shower in the campervan…it’s totally useless, but having a toilet is great! The motor parks have everything you need, internet, amazingly clean showers and toilets, game rooms, kitchens, etc.

Last night we tried to make it to Wanaka, but ended up about an hour short. We found a remote camper park that was very private with an amazing view. It was super cold, which gave us another great nights sleep.

Today we made it to Wanaka and tried to get a flight out to Milford Sound, but got hosed by the weather. It looks like the weather out there might suck through the week. We plan to say for a day or two in Queenstown so that may (hopefully) give us another option to get out to the Sound.

New Zealand seems to be big on live stock. We’ve seen cows, goats, horses, donkeys, deer (yes, they raise deer for meat) and an ass load of sheep. I’ve never seen so many varieties of sheep…there are big ones, small ones, some with long nappy hair, some with short curly hair, snow white ones, beige ones, some with black faces and some just roaming free range road side.

So far the trip is going well. I’m having a great time, but am about over the driving part. But this should fix itself over then next day or so. Then we will be on the road again on our way to Invercargill.

I have some more pics on my camera and will upload them soon...

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