Thursday, February 21, 2008

Minority report

OK. Back from sight seeing. Wow, what an experience. I was a total spectacle out there walking around. People just stopped and stared at me (actually gawked would probably be a better term).

I took a few pictures but nothing worthy of busting out all the accessories in order to download them now. The town reminds me a lot of Jacksonville...nothing special, just a river and some buildings.

No one in this town speaks English...not the hotel staff, not the people at the airport, not the taxi's a bit challenging to get what you want. My grandmother really wants a Chinese you think I can find one? Hell no! Do you think anyone knows what I'm talking about when I ask?? Hell no! I finally gave up and headed back to the hotel for a drink. The bar tender didn't speak English either (go figure). I couldn't order anything that she knew of so I ended up with a shot of vodka in a glass. After that I decided to just buy a bottle of wine and take back to my room.

Here I sit, getting liquored up in my Chinese hotel room...

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Hannah said...

Love the Great Wall Cabernet - hope you saved the label!