Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who's gonna solo??

Me!! That's right, I'm going to solo tomorrow (weather permitting)!! I passed my pre-solo check ride with Keith as well as the oral. I did my best straight in autorotations ever! My hover autos sucked, but hey...I can work on that. I also landed the helicopter on a freakin' dolly! Keep in mind, my heli parking skills parallel that of my car parking skills. I about peed myself when Keith told me that I was going to land on this tiny little dolly without hurting the helicopter, tractor (which was attached to the dolly) or killing us. But, holy crap, I did it!! I may actually become a helicopter pilot yet!

YAY me!! :o)

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Kolla said...

Woooo hooo!!
Time to start the planning the soloing party!