Friday, January 12, 2007

HOW much????

For my first post I’m going to talk about my ’64 Thunderbird, Sadie. Ever since I saw Thelma and Louise I’ve wanted an old convertible Thunderbird and thanks to a little insomnia I purchased one from Ebay last year. Now, this will probably be a recurring theme in my posts, but things around me do not always work as they should (if it can break, die, go wrong or get lost…it will!). I don’t know why I thought an OLD car would be any different.

The moment the car rolled of the truck (it was shipped here from NY) something broke! The car was with the mechanic the next day, which cost several hundred dollars. From that moment on Sadie seemed to like Charlie’s (my mechanic) garage better than mine! It seemed every time I took her out something broke.

I made up my mind after several months of repairs to sell her. I met a guy in the parking lot of Walgreen’s who fell in love with her and was ready to fork over the dough. Unfortunately, Ian did not have the same ideas. He (and his family) talked me into keeping her with promises of a “Sadie Fund” and coverage of all future repair costs. Little did they know the very next week on a routine drive to dinner, Sadie decided to throw a rod. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but to my passengers and me it meant being stranded on the side of I-4 instead of sitting at a yummy sushi dinner.

Now, 8 months later, after and entire engine replacement, new hoses, new seals, new everything she’s ready to come home. It’s not exactly a welcoming homecoming as in order to get her home I’m going to have to fork over nearly $4000! That’s right…4 grand!! I can think of so many things that I’d rather do with that money! And the “if only’s” keep popping up. If
only I had sold her, if only there really was a “Sadie Fund”… any one want to make a donation? Maybe I could charge for rides.


Kolla said...

It was me and Simon (my car) that got to pick up Sandy and her passengers on the way to sushi, fun times :)
Keep blogging Sandy - the first one is awesome!!

Justin said...

I was there for the Rod Throwing!! Beautifully timed so we rolled to a stop under an overpass.

lara kiyomi said...

No T-Bird trashing!!!

Although I do remember driving past all of you guys by the side of the road, on my merry way to sushi, wondering what the hell was going on.

That made me sound like a very bad friend. Anyway, great blog Sandy!

Kolla said...

Wow, Lara's comment has a picture! I can't decide if thats cool or nerdy?!?!

lara kiyomi said...

Hey, Kolla's comment has no picture. I can't decide if that's lame or dumb.