Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tires that smell like what??

What’s next?

OK – so really, what’s the point?? I, personally, like the new rubber
smell…but only when I’m in a tire store. I do not routinely get down on my hands and knees to sniff my cars rubber shoes. I think the engineers at Kumho have been sniffing WAY too much rubber!

It’s not noted on the website, but I heard on the radio that they are
currently working on scents for men such as BBQ and hot dog scents! I bet
the neighborhood dogs with LOVE those! Dog mortality rate will be on the
rise – just another reason for “Rover” to chase the family roadster!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I too, love the smell of tires and have since I was a child. The smell actually goes through me like a "high"? (I know it sounds sick to people that don't understand it) I just recently found a play tire at the pet store that was for dogs and bought it for myself and bought it and I smell it from time to time. I don't know why??? Maybe someone out there can explain it?!?!