Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Wheels

I think it’s new car time. I’m not so much jonesing for anything in
particular like I have in the past (Jetta, Element, T-Bird…) but feel the need for something a bit more green. Being a paranoid passenger I find myself driving a ton. I put about 25,000 miles a year on my car, which is pretty ridiculous considering I live about 3 miles from work.

So far the car highest on my list is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This thing gets 40 mpg!! It also comes with some of the luxury items that I have missed with the Element such as leather seats, steering wheel controls, and seating for more than 4! Don’t get me wrong, I totally LOVE my Element but it is pretty minimalistic. Plus, it’s quite challenging for my Grandparents (and Lara) to get in and out of. And, one of the main reasons for getting the Element in the first place was so that Maizee had room. :o(

I face a few challenges before I can get this new car. First and foremost I have to get Sadie (the T-Bird) out of the garage. The damn car will not start despite the $4000 new engine and other repairs. Charlie has pretty much thrown up his arms so I’m in the market for a new mechanic. Lara sent me a few links to some local clubs, which I have followed up with, but only received one recommendation. We’ve left several messages for this mechanic but he hasn’t called back…so, back to the drawing board. I’m hoping that our Hispanic neighbors (who, from the number of vehicles in their front yard, are either running a small car dealership or are mechanics themselves) will take a look at her for me.

Next challenge will be selling the Element. I know I won’t get what I should out of it if I trade it in so I’m gonna put it in the Auto Trader. It’s a great car so I’m hoping it will sell fast – but my past history of car sales has not been stellar.

Finally, yet the most exciting challenge will be choosing colors and options. I’m very indecisive so that should be fun. Also, I HATE car dealerships and car salesmen – they just rub me the wrong way. I always feel like I’m taking it up the ass when I’m there.

All that said…hopefully, in the next few months, I will be cruising around in a more economical ride. :o)

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Dee said...

The Brand Spanking New Toyota Camry is my FAVORITE car on the road!! Can I borrow it? You can have my UGLY green Dodge Grand Caravan, get some friends and Whoop It Up! Love, Dee