Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol

I have been watching American Idol since season 2. I am absolutely addicted to the show. (If I could choose one talent, it would be the ability to sing.) Not only am I addicted to the show, but also I get pretty fanatical about it, jumping up and down, screaming at the TV and, of course, voting numerous times for the contestants that I love.

This year, however, is starting off quite crappy. It’s not so much that the contestants are bad (but we have had better in past years) but give me a freakin’ break – Diana Ross songs??? WTF? I thought the contest was for American (POP) Idol…not, American (what my grandparents listened to) Idol. These contestants are young adults ranging in age from 17 up to 29 (most being in their early 20s). How is it fair (or interesting) to see these young people butcher these songs? In one hand they tell them to make them their own, but when they do they tell them that it doesn’t work…Well duh! Making the songs their own means bringing them into our era (well the contestants era), which doesn’t work with songs that were written and designed in the freakin’ 60s!

If I’m going to continue to love this show they (the producers) need to step it up a notch and find some artists that these kids can relate to! Thank God for DVR and fast forward!!

BTW, for those of you who watch…I’m vying for Blake (even though his last performance was a little iffy).

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Kolla said...

I love Simon. He's my favorite of all. As for the little idol-kids, I haven't picked a favorite yet, will keep you updated.