Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm a MORON!

So, I'm at work today doing a little internet surfing...(not really surfing, actually doing a little work at our book service website and checking some email) when mere moments after shutting down IE my entire computer screen turns green. Oh shit I think...I'm going to be in deep doo doo with Mike for catching the Saint Patrick's Day virus!!

I'm not really allowed to surf the internet and my computer does not have virus software so I'm freaking out wondering how I'm gonna tell Mike. Instead I call Justin thinking that he's a pretty good surfer and is pretty smart with computers...maybe he can find a fix.

Meanwhile, Mike returns from the bank and my eyes are burning from staring at the bright green and pee yellow screen so I decide to fess up.

Mike comes and looks at my screen and decides that we will switch out monitors. Would you believe that I didn't actually have the dreaded Saint Patrick's Day virus??!! LOL Turns out that right at the very moment I shut down the internet my computer monitor blew one of it's color tubes?? and what was left (just days before St. Patty's Day) was green!!

I'm too stupid for my own good sometimes!! And no, there's no such thing as the Saint Patrick's Day least not one that turns your screen green!

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