Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired, so very tired

I don't know how I did it. When I was in college there were some semesters when I got up at 5am to be at school in downtown ATL by 8am. I would be in school all day then go to work the night shift at a medical supply company. I would get out of work at mid-night. Sometime in between all of that I found time to do homework and study (oh, and skydive and have a boy friend).

Now, I get up at half a to Orlando, make a flight or some...and go to bed by 10 or so (well, I was up till 11:30 studying the other night) and am totally wiped out! I am so tired. I can't concentrate, there's no way I'm retaining what I am studying and I keep having retard moments when I'm in the helicopter. I think maybe I should get back on the caffeine. Or, maybe I should just quit my job and move closer to the airport. Or better yet, I could be a heli school bum...I could buy a RV and park it in the schools parking lot. I could sweep the parking lot for extra $$.


Justin said...

I like the tent at the airport idea, you can wash helicopter's in your bathing suit!! or collect "Airport Kitties"... that's right i said it.

Anonymous said...

Al is selling his RV.... I bet he'd let you rent it for cheap and park it in Orlando :D
But yeah, there is no denying it, we are getting old.

lara kiyomi said...

Yeah, I vote for heli bum - as long as you can keep the Wii in the camper.