Friday, June 6, 2008


I never thought I was a hypochondriac (but I guess most people who are, don't). For years now I've had "symptoms" that I've pretty much attributed to getting older and hormonal changes. Over the years I've had several blood tests that have all come back negative so I just kinda blew it all off.

Over the past several months all the ideas of possible issues have been surfacing again. My acupuncturist said that she thought I had a thyroid issue and said that most of the test are inaccurate. At a party I was talking to several other women who've been diagnosed with thyroid issues and their symptoms seemed very similar to mine so I started to research hypothyroidism on the internet. I know that's kind of dumb because if you look hard enough you can probably match your "symptoms" to any disease or illness out there. But, I did it anyway and found out that I'm the poster child for hypothyroidism! I gathered all my notes and list of symptoms and made my way to my Primary Care Physician. She ordered a plethora of blood and urine tests and told me to come back in a week. The lab people told me that my doctor would have the labs the next day so I made my appointment to go back to my doctor just short of a week.

When I arrived, the office had not yet received my labs so they had to get online and download them from the lab. The nice PA sat down with me and went over them and basically said that everything was not only in the normal range, but almost perfect. I just couldn't believe it and went home thinking I was whacked in the head. I guess all my "symptoms" were related to old age, lack of taking proper care of myself, etc and not my thyroid or even hormonal. :o(

A couple days later I received a phone call from the nurse at the office. She regretted to inform me (if only she knew) that when I was in earlier that week that all my labs had not been accounted for and that they just received some more results that showed elevation of something in my thyroid!! Not that I'm happy about being "sick"...but YAY!!! Now I know why I've been porking up and dealing with the other long list of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism!! I've got an appointment with the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks.

It's a really good feeling to find out that you actually have an issue and are not insane or a hypochondriac!


Mikey... said...

Adrianne's going through the same thing. Had blood work done about a month ago. Has follow-up visits next week. Sucks, doesn't it?

Denise said...

You are so funny Sandy. Thought about you and had to stop and see what's been going on. Helicopter school, acupuncture, thyroid issues. Gosh I miss you. I think I would like to come visit in approximately 30 days - what are you doing around then :o)