Friday, June 13, 2008

Funny...(funny ha ha)

I have a rather large pool of pilots in my immediate circles. I figured that would be beneficial to me when learning all my ground school crap, but as I've come to realize...not so much. On several occasions now I have asked several of them to help me with different issue (nothing that I thought was too difficult like aerodynamics, weather, etc...basically standard navigation and understanding of airport information) and would you believe that they've all struggled with the answers. I'm expected to retain all this (obviously) meaningless stuff simply for a test.

Oh well. I'm going to try to get my written out of the way next week so I can purge all of the useless information from my brain so I have more room for important stuff like 80s song lyrics, margarita recipes, directions to every good sushi restaurant in town and happy hour times at the local bars!

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Kolla said...

Dude it's like math. Beyond 2+2, math has not proven useful for me, and I endured years and years of math pain. But good luck studying :)